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Ever since Little treasures started in 2008 we have strived to design demi-fine jewellery for all of your everyday moments. With pieces created to celebrate your individuality, each style brings out who you are. Our three values are part of everything we do, and remind us that jewellery is only here to decorate your life story – what happens in it is all up to you.

A like-minded community of women – and some beloved men – we aim to create contagious confidence for all women, every day. From the necklace you bought with your first paycheck, to the hoops for a last-minute date, every Missoma piece is a story waiting to be told.

With innovation and creativity at the heart of every stage, all design is kept in-house and is sparked through an insight, inspiration, cultural exchange, or personal experience.

Our biggest differentiator is not only the ability to understand local, think local and act local, but at the same time bring in our vast experience and sourcing strength out of operating in multiple markets. Jewellery is a complicated product, because tastes vary even within the same state. What helps us here is the huge variety of products we stock from artisans across the country and even the Arab countries. We carefully and painstakingly select the designs of our products and customise them according to the demands of the consumer demography of each market we step into as India is such a vast country with diverse tastes.

We have something for everyone. Highly skilled craftsmen create our products along with stringent quality control measures which creates that perfection in the products we sell.


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